Don't Let Tangled Hair Ruin Your Confidence

Choose us if you need hair dematting treatments in Las Vegas, NV

No matter what caused your tangled hair, you can get a hair dematting treatment at LaFinity Salon Suites to restore your confidence. When you visit our salon in Las Vegas, NV for a consultation, we'll assess your hair and determine the next steps. If we can help, we'll start with applying a hair detangling solution to your hair to sit for a while. If we can't detangle your hair completely, we'll ask you to cut off any remaining matted hair to get you back to looking and feeling like yourself.

Each hair dematting treatment is different. The products you use and the amount of time your hair's been matted can determine how long the solution should sit, so your appointment could last anywhere between two to eight hours. Hair detangling treatments start at $60 per hour. Call 702-703-2426 now to schedule yours.